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Wednesday, 22 July 2020
What is a trunnion ball valve?


A ball valve is a close valve that makes use of a ball rotating. In a trunnion ball valve, the ball has little jut shafts at the bottom and top that are mechanically supported. This makes it perfect for higher forces and bigger diameters. The majority of ball valves in the globe do not have a trunnion design, they are known as floating ball valves.

In design, the ball is grip into position by solidity of the seat rings on both surfaces. The ball has some free will of action. During use, the ball floats slowly downstream against the seat ring and makes a sealing. When the loads on the ball get extremely high, the seat rings are not capable to support the ball and this is the point where the trunnion design provides a solution. In the trunnion design, the ball is not floating for high time and instead the seat rings are floating. A benefit of this solution is that the operating torque is lower than floating ball valves. A less operating torque can decrease the cost of the full system, taking into account the cost of an actuator that offers lower torque. The trunnion ball valve itself anyway, will general have a higher cost.



The valve creative design contains internal trunnion blocks which get rid of the need for the lower ball trunnion to penerate the body cavity, stopping a possible leak path. The trunnions are vital within the ball and are accurately fitted into TFE lined bearing obstructs supported within the body. The bearings take up the side load produced by force working on the ball. This design spec offers regular torque and the right place and assistance of the ball.

Twin block and bleed

The valve possess twin block and bleed competence where the body cavity can be escaped with the ball in the completely unlock or closed place. Vent fittings in the upper body and a mixture drain/vent fitting in the base of the body offers this functionality.

Control choices

The ball valve is compatible with a big range of control choices including worn or lower gear actuators for manual operation, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, or other actuator kinds as specified.

There are 3 main body constructions:  top entry, side entry and multiple way. The big difference is based on how the pieces of the valve are produced and assembled, from the top or from the side, operation is the same in each case: operating positions for two way valves can be either closed or open. Different way valves have different mixtures of flow to serve many different functions: diverting, mixing or isolating and simultaneously bypassing.

Most designs are twin seated but unique single seated and X-TRIM solutions for critical and severe services can also be supplied for eccentric or rising stem ball valves providing many specs and options beneficial for gas, oil and liquid applications.

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Updated: Friday, 7 August 2020 10:53 PM EDT
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